“Honesty and steadiness” are always SAN ENG'S managing conviction since built in 1973, as well as constantly investing in renewing facilities, reducing cost and improving quality.  

Recently, many industry countries devote themselves to the international standard - ISO9000 series, emblematizing quality management and quality assurance. After multiple programmes and practices, SAN ENG successfully pass ISO9002's approval. Looking-forward to the future. 

“The whole staff participate in the quality management and manufacture and the products satisfactory to customer” is our exertion target. Earnestly hoping all the prominent personages and customers will keep up granting guidance and patronage .Thanks!

                                                                              President   2014-08-06_115100.jpg

Location   :No. 311, Renxin Rd. Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

President  : Kenneth K.T. Wu

Established: December, 1973


Registered Capital : NT$346,860,240

Number of Employees : 178


Factory Space and Building:

Main Factory: Space 3,640m2   Building 2,730m2 

Jen Wu Factory: Space 51,890m2   Building 44,620m2


Monthly Production Capacity:

1.   Forged Carbon Steel Flanges 2,100 ton.png

2.   Forged Steel and Machinery Parts 300 ton.png

3.   Import Special Steels 2000 ton.png

(Cutting by 1000mm Bandsaw Machine)


Main Bank:

Band of Taiwan DahChang Branch

The international Commercial Band of China. Hsin Hsing Branch